How much does clubbing in London cost? Featured

London is definitely an expensive city. This also applies to the nightlife, so if you want to party, in that case you need to prepare for high prices – mainly entrance fees and drink costs.

London is full of pubs, restaurants, clubs, concert halls and nightclubs where you can easily come across the best DJ’s, concerts of famous bands and soloists, so it is the perfect place for relax and entertainment. But not for every budget. You have to pay for admission to the club itself – often it is an expense of about 5 pounds to over 30 pounds, depending on what the club you have chosen. Sometimes the entrance is free for a certain time. In addition, you have to pay for the drinks that also cost quite a lot, so if you want to go clubbing in London, then get ready for the big expenses!


Often, however, it's worth paying more to have great fun. Then you can get to know the most famous clubs in the city, which are also popular all over the world. Therefore, if you are in London and are looking for a quality time, in that case, pay more - you will not regret!